Beverages Price
Coca - cola / Coca - cola light / Coca - cola Zero 250ml 3.00€
EPSΑ Orange 250ml 3.00€
EPSA Gazoza 250ml  3.00€
Soda 250ml  2.90€
Souroti 250ml (Carbonated natural mineral water) 3.00€
Perrier 330ml (Carbonated natural mineral water) 4.00€
Bottled Water 1lt  2.00€

Vergina (Lager) 500ml

Fresh taste perfectly combined with light aroma of barley malt.

Vergina (Weiss) 500ml

With amber colour and blurry look, has a full flavor with intense aromas of fruits.

Recomended to accompany meat dishes in the grill


Fix  (Lager)  500ml

Flavored barley malt, hops and yeast.

Ηeineken  (Pale Lager) 500ml

It has a full flavor and distinctive aroma of hops and malt.

Alfa (Lager) 500ml

Is has full flavor, aroma and pleasant hop bitterness and therefore it is perfect accompaniment to food.

Kaiser (Pilsner) 500ml

Beer of high quality with barley malt, hops and yeast, which leaves a pleasant bitterness.

Fix Anef 330ml

Blonde light beer with a light fragrance and without alcohol (alcohol free).

Οyzo and Spirits  
Μini Μytilene 200ml 8.50€
Plomariou 200ml 8.50€
Tsipouro 200ml 8.50€
Glass of Οuzo or Tsipouro  2.60€