We are open daily from 12:00 in the noon untill late at night!

Reserve:  210 80 73 690

The restaurant's cuisine is based on the creativity of our Chef,

who studies the tradition and innovates on it, whille keeping close contact with tasty style.

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 Salads • Cheese

Traditional Dishes • Soups

 Meat • Fish

 Pasta • Risotto



 Desserts • Ice-cream

 Beverages • Drinks



Legal Charges
The prices include:
Waiter's fee 13%
City tax 0.5%
VAT 24% + 13%
The shop is obliged to issue cash register receipts
1) Our meals are prepared with virgin olive oil
2) In the salads we use virgin olive oil
3) Our fries are fried in sunflower oil
4) Ham is pork shoulder
5) Roquefort is blue cheese of Denmark
6) We use only fresh meat