Our Salads
  Small Regular


(paximadi dried bread, sour mizithra cheese, grated tomato and extra virgin olive oil)

Horta (steamed dandelion greens: the best of every season, cooked to perfection)   4,80€
Steamed zucchini (tender and delicious, slightly crunchy)   4,60€

Romaine Lettuce (chilled lettuce, perfumed with fresh dill, and green onion) 

2,60€ 4,40€

Cabbage & Carrot (crispy salad with fresh vegetables perfumed with  extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar) 

2,60€ 4,40€
Cucumber & Tomato (the ultimate Greek combination of flavors and freshness)  3,90 6,00€

Greek salad (chilled sliced tomatoes, cucumber, onions, green pepper, olives, feta cheese and oregano)

4,80€ 6,60€

Rokola (a delicious combination of French salad, cabbage, arugula, tomato, parmesan cheese, and Italian vinaigrette) 

4,90€ 6,60€

Cretan (tomato, onion, cucumber, pepper, feta cheese, paximadi, capers, olive oil & balsamic)

4,90€ 6,60€

Citrus (mixed seasonal salads, caramelized onions, bacon, Manouri cheese and citrus vinaigrette)

4,90 6,60

Rochet (rocket, carrots, cabbage, celery, honey, balsamic vinegar, yogurt and toasted sesame seeds)

4,70 6,40

Caesar (with chilled lettuce, grilled chicken original sauce, parmesan and crispy croutons)

4,90€ 6,60€ 

Chef's (fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ham, cheese, egg & cocktail sause) 

4,70 6,60

Crispy (crispy mixed salads, mushrooms, tomatoes, smoky Metsovone cheese and honey - balsamic dressing vinaigrette)

4,90€ 6,60€

Mix boiled vegetables (lightly steamed, dressed with extra virgin olive oil)

4,90 6,60
Feta cheese from Elassona region (PDO)  3,40€ 
Cretan Graviera 4,20€