04/02/2016    You can choose daily from our variety of traditional dishes

Good evening from Kifisia, 

In our restaurant, even in Sundays and holidays, we prepare many different and tastyfull tradinional greek dishes, only with fresh ingredients and seasonal greek products, using authentic recipes of Thessalia region and we also adjust our menu depending on the season. We also accept all kind of debt and credit cards and Ticket Restaurant.

We serve daily, from 12:00 in noon until 00:30 in the night, we also delivery your order to your house or at the office, every day of the year. We also offer you the posibility to check our traditional food avelability by clicking the link or image below. 

Restaurant Thessalia a name, a story ... Constant value to gastronomic events of Kifissia since 1978, continues its uninterrupted path, sweeping away the taste of the vortex, the purists of homemade Greek cuisine.

Greek Cuisine | Grilled | Pasta | Pizza

Reservation telephone: 210 8078837 | Fax: 210 8075242

Delivery telephone: 210 8000614, 210 6202553 | info@thessaliarestaurant.gr 

Our Greek Traditional dishes