14/11/2015    We keep our prices stable!

We keep our prices stable


Dear friends, with pleasure we inform you that by showing our solidarity to you our customers we decided to keep absording the VAT increase in order to keep our prices stable & also normally applies the possibility of payment in our restaurant, with credit and debit cards.

In our catalog you will find delicious cooked, great variety of grilled meats, delicious appetizers and salads, but also some suggestions inspired by Italian cuisine. In our wooden oven we prepare for you daily, delicious pizzas and delicious traditional Greek cooked as stuffed pasta, roasts and more. In the following link you can find our dishes of the day which are updated daily.  

Restaurant Thessalia a name, a story ... Constant value to gastronomic events of Kifissia for 35 years (since 1978), continues its uninterrupted path, sweeping away the taste of the vortex, the purists of homemade Greek cuisine.

We serve daily from 12:00 to 00:30 after midnight and we delivery your order in your home, in your office, also all year round and we adapt our cuisine accordingly (meatless, soup, holidays, cod etc).

We keep our prices stable